Phoenix Ara

Age: 23Nameday: 16th Sun of the 2nd Umbral MoonEye Color: RubyHair Color: Black with reddish tipsLikes: Her beasts, Tall people, Tart things, Cats, Other Au RaDislikes: Most sweets, Birds, Aggression towards "her things", The memoriesPersonality: She can be a little feisty at first, but she cares in her own way. She loves to tease and poke fun as well, though her choice of words sometimes wounds more than she cares to admit.

BackgroundThough Phoenix is a Xaela, she did not grow up in the Steppe like the rest of her kind. She grew up in a place where the closer you resembled a dragon, the more you were hailed as a godly being. At least... that's her recollection of it. Another of her recollections is that she came from a rather large family... though when pressed for more information, she declined to give more, aside from the fact that her parents used to tell her stories about the duskmother and dawnfather. It seems to be the only concrete thing she can bring to the forefront of her mind. She can also tell you that the first thing she can cearly recall is that Limsa Lominsa is the first place she came to in Eorzea. Those white washed Limestone walls are hard to forget...Phoenix is very particular who she allows to get to know her. As such, one of the first things that can be noticed about her is her prolific use of a notebook. Names, faces, descriptions, they all make it into her notes. If she's particularly pleased with how someone looks, she'll even do portraits of them. And she's not shy to express her appreciation for physical forms either. Flirtatious to a fault, it's almost a defensive act to keep deeper connections at bay. After all, who'd want to be friends with someone who sleeps around so easily?Another thing one might notice is her care for creatures. She keeps a close connection to beasts she's tamed and trained, particularly a behemoth, a direwolf, and a hawk. They were discarded from their homes, left to wander and fend for themselves for the most part. The behemoth's mother was slain and she had been searching through the picked through remains of that behemoth's home when she found the young one left behind. The direwolf was close to starving to death, struggling to hunt with a lame front leg. The hawk had fallen from it's nest as a chick, squealing helplessly as predators circled in. Phoenix helped them all, and more, selling most to the highest bidder for a while until she could no longer keep up with demand.She then traded in her physical prowess with wild animals to physical prowess with city animals - that is to say, she became a dancer for a nightclub, turning a hefty profit rather quickly. She even found that she had no reason to commit those faces to memory... not that she could even if she wanted to. Those who wanted to be known always made themselves known anyway. And she preferred it like that. This continued for a while, shuffling from place to place until she grew bored of the nightlife this brought her. Now? Well, now she's a freelance dancer, and freelance artist... if you manage to catch her interest enough that is.

Other Info (21+)Sexuality: HeterosexualAdditional: A sub who pretends otherwise. She's a shy girl at heart but too proud to admit it. She boasts that she can tame any beast, but really, not every beast needs to be tamed do they?~


  • Where the Wild Things Are - Phe has a Chocobo who likes to wander away. If you meet her in a tavern and want to go outside for a little adventure, you can always use her flightly beast "Xavier" as an excuse! He's your standard yellow bird with a nametag wrapped around his neck made of carved oak, the edges slightly burnt, and he wears the immortal flame memorabilia.

  • Lost and Found - Phe normally carries a small notebook with a list of names and notes about each name on her person. You can either take note of her writing in it or you can find it it nearby, whichever you think would be better. If you're handing it back, keep in mind she might get a little defensive!

  • Stranger to the Steppes - Maybe you're a fellow Xaela, or maybe you heard a rumor go around about some Xaela woman matching her description saying that she wasn't from there, but somewhere else. Whatever the case, take this how you will! She's from a land with far more dragon activity than here, and she's content to talk about it.

  • Summons For Hire - Phe, while never asking for help herself, is more than willing to assist those that need a hand crawling through the muck that is dungeon crawling and monster hunting. While the one writing all this isn't the best at fighting, Phe sure is good at commanding her beasts to do it! Just be sure not to give her any head pats or else you might get told off in the process~

  • Snake Charmer - Phe is and will always be a seemingly shallow person. If you find her pretty and wanna sweep her off her feet, go ahead! She's flirty, but also rude. If you can handle a self assured brat, be my guest!

  • Aspiring Seamstress/Goldsmith- Phe's been learning how to make pretty things, mostly for herself but also for others if she's nicely asked. Her fingers are usually wrapped with bandages from her work, either banged up from her hammer, or pricked from her sewing.

Extra OOC Stuff!

If you'd like to do a longer story with Phe, please feel free to reach out! I'm open to all sorts, so long as it isn't too dark.

Hi! I'm Silver. I'm a 21+ writer and have been doing so for the past 9 or so years on various platforms, including Discord, Ark Survival Evolved, Conon Exiles, and the most recent, Final Fantasy! I'm not very well versed in the lore of Final Fantasy, and as such, usually write characters that experience the world of it rather loosely. Phoenix, for example, is pulled from a discord RP I had going on before my delve into Final Fantasy proper, and as such, I kept most of her backstory in tact.Depending on who I'm writing with, I will change how lore bending she is, ranging from she's mixed up her memories from an ancient dragon she found in Dravania to frustration that she will never be able to go home because she isn't even from this star. But her original lore is that she was a dragon, through and through. If you do not want to engage with her on that level, let me know how comfortable you are with lore bending, and I will accommodate! This is about having fun! I know there is a whole world of lore in FF, I'm just really smooth brain about it and FF14 is my first time seeing any of it. I follow along as best I can, so all I ask is patience!If you have any questions, feel free to send me a tell and we can discuss it. I'm also open to discord RP as well, though usually I don't give out my username to people I don't intend on writing with long term.